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Our website covers the general services we provide clients around Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle, such as car servicing, MOT testing, diagnostics and repairs. But know that the veteran mechanics at 24/7 Auto Repairs specialise in work on particular parts and components, ensuring they work seamlessly all year-round.

What’s more, we’re committed to working with quality, OEM and OEM equivalent parts sourced from trusted manufacturers. We have local suppliers who ensure we can get our hands on these essential parts in just 90 minutes of ordering them. This represents a serious amount of time saved over the average experience visiting Bristol garages, fast-fits and dealerships.

With that said, what are some of these different components we’re commonly tasked with troubleshooting, repairing and replacing?


An engine’s cambelt is responsible for keeping its pistons and valves moving in perfect synchronicity. Should it fail, you may experience serious engine trouble. Motorists may find their cambelt needs replacing following a malfunction, or due to wear and tear over an extended period of time. Our technicians can carry out diagnostics to determine the nature and extent of cambelt damage or degradation, before recommending the appropriate car repairs.

Keep an eye and ear out for unfamiliar noises when the engine is running. Likewise, pay us a visit should you have difficulties starting your engine, as one common cause for this particular issue is a failed cambelt.


As your first line of defence on the road, it’s important to keep your brakes in perfect working condition year-round. If yours have started to feel less responsive, or you’re noticing strange smells or sounds when you apply them, we urge you to pay 24/7 Auto Repairs a visit as soon as you possibly can.

We’ll run diagnostics to determine what the cause of the trouble is. It may be something as simple as worn brake pads or a lack of brake fluid. In the case that something more drastic has occurred, we’ll provide advice on the best way to restore your vehicle to a road-safe and legal state, without excessive or unnecessary expenditure.


They’re one of the more complex components in any modern vehicle, and have such a vital role to play in the safe and efficient running of your vehicle that any fault or change in performance should be taken seriously. Working on both automatic and manual transmissions, the 24/7 Auto Repairs team can repair and refurbish gearboxes to restore optimal performance.

Some common symptoms of gearbox failure include unfamiliar noises when shifting gear, transmission fluid leaks under the vehicle, and a shaking or grinding sensation when shifting gear. All warrant investigation at a fully equipped garage, like ours in Whitchurch.


Their position on the exterior of the vehicle makes them particular vulnerable to knocks and bumps, as well as the relentless effects of exposure to the elements. A damaged exhaust system can lead to excessive emissions, jarring noises and even the possibility of noxious fumes being directed into the cabin of the vehicle; the latter represents a serious safety risk, and could even prove fatal.

So should you suspect exhaust trouble, having noticed rust, a loose connection, a sulphuric smell, change in performance or a chugging sound when driving, pay us a visit at your earliest convenience.

Get back on the road safely, with a fully functioning vehicle. Visit 24/7 Auto Repairs near Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle. Book in on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.