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The 24/7 Auto Repairs website is made up of dedicated pages describing our approach to providing car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and car diagnostics to motorists in and around Knowle. But what if you want a quick, at-a-glance summary of what’s on offer at our local garages? Here, we’ve looked to provide just that. If you have any questions, or wish to book in for any of the services listed on this page, simply pick up the phone and call 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.

Service Overview

Car Repairs – Our veteran mechanics have the training and experience required to handle car repairs for any type of issue you could possibly imagine. From replacing brake and clutch components, to niche work on engines and electronics, we’re here to ensure that when disaster strikes, you needn’t stay off the road any longer, or spend any more than you absolutely have to on the required car repairs.

Car Servicing – Visit garages for interim, annual or major car servicing to enjoy a longer vehicle lifespan, reduced chance of accident and breakdown, and improved fuel efficiency, to name just a few benefits that regular car servicing affords Knowle residents. From the former to the latter, they are recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles, every 12 months or 12,000 miles, and every 2 years. Car servicing at independent garages like 24/7 can be more affordable than visiting fast-fits and dealerships.

MOT Testing – We are a government-accredited provider of MOT testing serving Knowle and the wider Bristol area. Our aim is to help discerning clients save money by providing a more affordable test, and also reduce the stress-involved by providing a personal service, including advice on effective MOT preparation. So don’t wait until it’s the very last minute to book in. Give us a call to arrange MOT testing at a time convenient for you.

Car Diagnostics – Modern garages like 24/7 Auto Repairs near Knowle are equipped with advanced equipment to provide speedy, accurate car diagnostics. This includes ECU readers which retrieve fault codes from your engine’s on-board control unit. By getting to the root of changes in performance and other worrisome symptoms, we can recommend the appropriate form of car repairs to get you back safely on the road ASAP.

Require any of the services listed above? Contact 24/7 Auto Repairs, pick of local independent garages near Knowle, on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.