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Have you noticed that your vehicle has started acting differently in recent weeks? Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in performance, odd noises or smells, a loss of power or simply that dashboard warning lights have lit up. Pay us a visit at 24/7 Auto Repairs in Whitchurch, one of the leading garages serving areas such as Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle. We can provide fast, effective and affordable car diagnostics to get to the bottom of the issue, before recommending the appropriate remedial action – which may be as simple as on the spot car repairs.

By combining this with traditional, hands-on car diagnostics techniques, our technicians ensure there’s no problem too obscure or rare for us to quickly take in hand. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate in investigating emerging issues, as it could come back to haunt you if you don’t. Visit 24/7 Auto Repairs near Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle, or read on for an overview of ECU diagnostics and why they’re an essential part of the modern garages’ repertoires.

How Modern Car Diagnostics Work…

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are responsible for managing and regulating many of a vehicle's key systems, such as the engine, transmission and emissions control. Modern car diagnostics involve the use of specialised, hand-held tools and software to analyse and diagnose any issues by retrieving fault codes stored in the ECU.

So why choose garages around Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle that offer this form of car diagnostics? Well, the benefits of ECU diagnostics include quicker and more accurate identification of faults and issues, which can help reduce the cost of subsequent car repairs and keep you off the road for a smaller span of time. It also allows our mechanics to identify potential issues that might be impossible to detect without the assistance of this kind of technology. This allows for prompt intervention become major problems emerge, preventing costly breakdowns and accidents.

As soon as you notice something strange occurring with your vehicle, book in for car diagnostics at 24/7 Auto Repairs near Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle.