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When your vehicle needs some TLC, whether in the form of car repairs, car servicing, car diagnostics or MOT testing, you have a fair amount of choice as to who you visit. There are dealerships, national fast fits and garages of all shapes and sizes offering their services in the Hengrove area. 24/7 Auto Repairs in nearby Whitchurch is one such option, a time served and trusted independent.

Below, we’ve run over a few advantages that you can enjoy by choosing independent garages like our own over competing options.

5 Benefits of Using Independent Garages

  • Personalised Service – Independent garages often have smaller teams, which allows for more personalised customer service – and that’s the case at 24/7 Auto Repairs near Hengrove. This ensures they can develop a relationship with their customers, getting to know their specific needs and preferences. As a result, you may feel more valued as a customer and receive better service that is tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re visiting for car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or car diagnostics.
  • Prices – Another benefit of using independent garages is that they can offer more competitive prices than dealerships or chain garages. They often have lower overhead costs, which means they can charge less for their services while still providing quality car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and car diagnostics. Additionally, they may offer discounts and promotions to keep customers returning, something we’re always keen to do when we can at 24/7 Auto Repairs.
  • Flexibility – Independent garages are often more flexible in terms of scheduling appointments and accommodating urgent car repairs. They can usually work around your schedule and may be able to fit you in for an appointment at short notice. This can be especially helpful in emergency situations where you need your car repaired quickly. And as our name implies, 24/7 Auto Repairs offers Hengrove clients emergency services out of hours upon request.
  • Expertise – Some independent garages also specialise in certain areas of car repairs, such as specific makes and models. This means that they may have a higher level of expertise in these areas than larger businesses, who may be more generalized. As a result, they may be able to offer better quality service and advice. 24/7 Auto Repairs is not such a specialist, but our teams’ impressive collective experience allows them to act as one, whether providing car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or car diagnostics to Hengrove motorists.
  • Trust & Transparency – Our businesses relies on word of mouth and reputation to attract and retain customers; this is the case for most independent garages, who don’t have the advantage of massive marketing budgets and a household name brand. This means we place a strong emphasis on trust and transparency in all business practices. Expect car repairs detailed in clear, concise terms, and itemised invoices to ensure you understand what work has been done and why.

Add all these benefits together and you can see why independent garages like 24/7 in Hengrove often prove more popular than dealerships and chain garages when it comes to car repairs, car servicing, car diagnostics and MOT testing. So book in today!

Why settle for lesser garages? Hengrove motorists should choose 24/7 Auto Repairs for everything from car servicing to MOT testing. Dial 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.