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Booking in for regular car servicing provides a wealth of benefits. It’s an unfortunately all too rare opportunity for your vehicle to undergo professional scrutiny, and for qualified mechanics to intervene and ensure you aren’t at risk of developing mechanical issues which eventually cost a bundle to put right.

At 24/7 Auto Repairs in Whitchurch, we provide interim, annual and major car servicing for motorists in the Bristol area, as one of the most trusted garages near Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle. Below, we’ve run over the differences between various service types, and elaborated on the aforementioned benefits that car servicing delivers.

Types of Car Servicing

Interim Car Servicing – Most manufacturers recommended interim car servicing every six months or after 6,000 miles. It involves a basic check of the vehicle's essential components, such as the brakes, lights, steering and suspension. The oil and oil filter are also changed, and the mechanic may perform additional checks based on the vehicle's mileage and condition.

Annual Car Servicing - This is more comprehensive than interim servicing, and garages / manufacturers recommend Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle motorists invest in it once a year or after 12,000 miles – whichever comes first. In addition to the checks performed during interim servicing, annual servicing may include a more thorough inspection of the engine, transmission and other major components. The air and cabin filters may also be replaced, and we might perform additional tests or replace worn parts as needed.

Major Car Servicing – The most comprehensive type covered here, major car servicing is usually required every two to three years or after 24,000 miles. It involves a full inspection and overhaul of the vehicle's major systems, including the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension. The timing belt may be replaced, and the mechanic may perform additional tests and replace any worn parts or components.

Benefits of Car Servicing

But why should residents of Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle visit local garages like 24/7 Auto Repairs for car servicing?

  • Staying on top of car servicing can ensure that potential problems are identified before they become major issues, saving you money on expensive car repairs down the line.
  • Car servicing has also been proven to improve fuel efficiency, as a well-maintained vehicle is likely to run more efficiently, so you can save cash at Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle forecourts.
  • A fleshed out service history can also help ensure the safety of the vehicle and its occupants by ensuring that all essential components, such as the brakes and steering, are in good working order all year-round.
  • Car servicing can help maintain the value of the vehicle by keeping it in good condition, which can be important when it comes to selling or trading it in. Buyers around Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle will want to know the vehicle’s been kept in good repair, and this is a great way to prove it.
  • It’s hard to accurately quantify, but regular car servicing can deliver true peace of mind, as you’ll know that your vehicle is in good condition and less likely to break down unexpectedly – a major inconvenience that can ruin a week before it’s even started!

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