MOT Testing, Car Servicing & Car Repairs in Keynsham | 24/7 Auto Repairs

We’re under no illusions: we’re not the only option for car repairs, car servicing, car diagnostics and MOT testing in the Keynsham area. In fact, there’s a fair amount of competition, including Bristol’s national fast-fits, dealerships and fellow independent garages. So why should you choose us over these competitors? On this page, we answer that question!

Why Choose 24/7 Auto Repairs?

  • Experienced – Our team has over two decades of experience providing car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and car diagnostics to clients in and around the Keynsham area. This experience shows up in the quality of both workmanship and customer service we’re able to provide, and is one of the reasons we’re such a popular choice amongst Keynsham garages.
  • Independent – By going it alone, independent garages can provide a more personal standard of service to their clients, really getting to know them and their vehicle. As we often handle everything from MOT testing and car servicing, to car repairs and car diagnostics for a client, there’s a real feeling of comfort that many find preferable to the impersonal service offered by chain garages or dealerships.
  • 24 Hour – 24/7 Auto Repairs by name, 24/7 Auto Repairs by nature. Unlike many garages in the Keynsham area, we provide year-round and round-the-clock assistance to clients, for example, by recovering broken down vehicles and bringing them to our workshop for car diagnostics and car repairs – even during unsociable hours. We can even book car servicing and MOT testing at irregular hours, given enough notice. All for your convenience.
  • Speed – Did you know that we can source most spare parts and components within 90 minutes of ordering them? This is much faster than many other local garages around Keynsham, and means that you’re kept off the road not a second longer than you have to be. When you’re visiting us for anything from car repairs to car servicing, MOT testing to car diagnostics, we understand the value of your time and respect it; our work will be conducted with speed in mind, not just quality of work and care.

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re in need of car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or car diagnostics, pick the first amongst Keynsham Garages, 24/7 Auto Repairs. Simply call 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.