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Due to the sheer speed which internal combustion engines run at, gearboxes are required to mediate the power that reaches a vehicle’s drive wheels. They achieve this by housing a number of gears, each of which is suited to a different purpose: such as climbing an incline, or cruising a motorway. Sitting just after the clutch, most modern gearboxes have four or five different forward speeds, a neutral position and a reverse gear. You can switch between them on the fly, ensuring for a safe and responsive driving experience…. that’s if it’s working properly!


As the Bristol area’s first port of call for vehicle diagnostics and car repairs, Whitchurch’s 24/7 Auto Repairs sees its fair share of faulty gearboxes. We work on both automatic and manual transmissions, ensuring the safe and efficient running of your vehicle. Below, we’ve detailed some common signs of trouble that our clients experience – but it might be you have a completely different issue. Whatever the case, pick up the phone to book in an appointment with us. Just call 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.


Common Symptoms of Gearbox Failure


Sounds – A dead giveaway that your gearbox needs some professional TLC is a jarring or unfamiliar noise when shifting gear. These noises can really vary, so keep an ear out for strange buzzes, a faint whining or even a general humming sound. All signal the need for diagnostics work at a reputable garage like 24/7 Auto Repairs.


Leakages – Have you noticed a leak under your vehicle’s body? It could be transmission fluid, which lubricates the system and ensure it runs smoothly. If this problem isn’t picked up on early, it can lead to operational issues and perhaps even serious malfunctions that require repair, due to the fluid running down and various components grinding against each other.


Shaking or Grinding – Shifting gear should be seamless and smooth; if you notice a grinding or shaking sensation, then there’s a good chance you need to visit a garage like ours in Whitchurch. The shaking or grinding can occur both after engaging your clutch, or as you shift gear. Each indicates a different issue within the wider transmission system.

Having trouble with your gearbox? Visit 24/7 Auto Repairs for affordable, professional vehicle diagnostics and repairs that’ll quickly get you back on the road. Call 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.

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