Car Servicing in Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle


It has been well-known for many years that regular car servicing is the easiest and most effective way to maintain a vehicle. Our garage in Whitchurch, which covers the surrounding areas of Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle, also knows that full and interim car servicing builds a reliable service history and helps in maintaining resale value.


Perhaps more importantly, a service preserves important engine parts, promotes good performance and increases vehicle reliability. In fact, regular car servicing will nearly always make your car more economical to drive too. By bringing your vehicle to us at six-monthly or yearly intervals for a service, you’ll even cut down on future car repair costs.

Interim (Standard) Car Servicing


Interim car servicing is for frequent vehicle users in Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle who cover more than 12,000 miles in a 12-month period. We advise that you book in for a service every six months or every 6,000 miles if you happen to be a high-mileage driver. In effect, you need to service your vehicle twice a year if you cover more miles.


Standard or interim car servicing is less intensive than a full annual service and basically covers an oil and filter change. While we do check a series of other features during an interim service, 24/7 Auto Repairs Ltd essentially keeps your vehicle roadworthy until you book in for a full annual service at the interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer.



Full (Comprehensive) Car Servicing


Our workshop performs full car servicing for Bristol, Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle motorists who cover 12,000 miles or less each year. Most manufacturers recommend 12,000 miles as the average period. Full car servicing is more comprehensive than interim car servicing and is basically an annual maintenance program for your vehicle.


High mileage users also need to book in for a full service to support our interim servicing.


As well as the oil and air filters, our technicians change the fuel filter, pollen filter and spark plugs as part of a full car servicing package. They also perform a more detailed series of mechanical checks in comparison to an interim service. Even if you cover much less than 12,000 miles in a year, you are advised to book in for full car servicing on an annual basis.



Benefits of Using Independent Garages for Car Servicing


  • Unlike dealerships, we are never tied to using original manufacturer parts. This makes the cost of car servicing cheaper yet our parts are still OEM compliant

  • Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle motorists benefit from the knowledge of skilled independent technicians who often have dealership experience

  • 24/7 Auto Repairs Ltd works to the same schedule as your manufacturer so you’ll receive exactly the same service as you would with a local or regional dealership

  • Even the lubricants we use during car servicing are of a premium grade, and equivalent or superior to those used by dealerships and main agents in Bristol

  • Just because we’re independent, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you to preserve a service history. We stamp your book as soon as our car servicing work is complete

  • Please note that we can combine servicing with MOT testing to save you even more money on vehicle maintenance in the Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle areas.

For full or interim car servicing from a reputable garage covering Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Keynsham and Knowle, call 24/7 Auto Repairs Ltd on 01275 832100.


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