First Choice for Affordable, Round-the-Clock Car Repairs in Whitchurch & Bristol

Even with regular car servicing and a flawless MOT history, you’d have to be very lucky indeed to never require car repairs; vehicles are complex things and there are so many things that can go wrong over the course of their lifespans. 24/7 Auto Repairs, based in Bristol’s Whitchurch and welcoming motorists from all nearby locales, including Bishopsgrove, Hengrove, Knowle and Keynsham, are close at hand for when these issues do occur.


Our seasoned mechanics provide a full range of car repairs, covering the most minor of superficial adjustments, to the most niche mechanical work imaginable; while we truly can repair anything, clutch and flywheel replacement are two areas of speciality, which we believe ourselves to be unrivalled with both regionally and nationally. So if you find yours is showing symptoms of wear or damage, we urge you to call us right away on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677..


But we’re not under any illusions: we’re not the only business offering car repairs in Whitchurch, nor in Bishopsgrove, Hengrove, Knowle or Keynsham. So why should you choose us? Firstly, our unrivalled flexibility: we’re available any hour of any day of the week. We know that clutch, brake, or engine trouble can strike at any time, so there needs to be capable mechanics at hand who can adapt to your schedule, and provide the require diagnostics and car repairs needed to get you back safely on the road.


On top of this, we provide an accident recovery service within a 50-mile radius of Whitchurch, should you be unable to safely bring your vehicle to our garage. When it all together, you get a fully equipped workshop which provides an alternative to generic garages, fast-fit centres and dealerships which are often more expensive, while providing a lower standard of workmanship and customer service.


A Comprehensive Range of Car Repairs


There’s really nothing we can’t fix at 24/7 Auto Repairs, as we combine years of mechanical experience with ultra-modern vehicle diagnostics equipment. Common issues we solve for motorists in the Bishopsgrove, Hengrove, Knowle, Keynsham and Whitchurch areas, include problems with:


• Electrics

• Faulty Clutches

• Lights Not Working

• Low Tyre Tread Depth

• Loss of Engine Performance

• Unresponsive Brakes

• Poor Handling

• Rusted Exhausts

• Wheel Alignment


But that’s really only to list a few… so whatever trouble you’re experiencing, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss it. Putting off minor concerns can mean they worsen, putting you in danger and meaning extra costs to put right!

If you need an experienced mechanic to conduct car repairs on your vehicle, you can do no better than Whitchurch’s 24/7 Auto Repairs. Call us today on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.