Flywheel Replacement for Drivers in the Keynsham Area

In addition to the MOT and car repair work we carry out for clients in Keynsham, 24/7 Auto Repairs specialise in clutch and flywheel replacement for all makes and models of passenger car and light commercial vehicle. Our team has a large amount of experience in clutch replacement. A large percentage of clutch failure work comes down to the flywheel.


The flywheel is a metal disc which is fitted onto the crankshaft between the clutch and the vehicle’s engine. It provides an even shift of power from the engine to the drive chain. Indications that your vehicle may need a flywheel replacement are visible grooves, visible glazing and cracks.


We recommend that whenever a clutch replacement is needed by our Keynsham clients, the flywheel should at least be inspected and, more often than not, replaced. By having a clutch and a flywheel replacement together as part of a car repair program, your vehicle will provide enhanced momentum and a smoother drive.


Dual Flywheel Replacement Services for Today’s Modern Vehicle


The same goes for dual mass flywheel replacement. In today’s marketplace, most new vehicles are equipped with dual flywheels. Designed to reduce harmful vibrations, these components really do make a difference to vehicle performance. Again, once worn and you feel the clutch slipping, we would recommend a dual flywheel replacement.


As local transmission and clutch replacement specialists for the Keynsham area, we pride ourselves on our flywheel and car repair services. We provide full clutch replacement at prices you can afford. Our company works with a full range of OEM compliant clutch kits.


Our mechanics are experienced in all aspects of clutch replacement and have worked on many different makes and models to a high standard. It is often difficult for the motorist to identify clutch problems as much of the transmission system is hidden from sight. Even an MOT wouldn’t be able to highlight them as it isn’t part of the test.


The only indication you may have that the clutch is worn is through use. A service can highlight this but more often than not, drivers in the Keynsham area would generally experience an unnatural feel when changing gear.

If a clutch replacement is needed for your vehicle, or if you would like to book an MOT at our garage near Keynsham, call us now on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.