Car Repair and Servicing in the Hengrove Area

24/7 Auto Services provide a full range of garage services. We specialise in clutch replacement and flywheel replacement but we also undertake MOT testing, vehicle servicing, diagnostic and car repair work for motorists in the Hengrove area.


A choice of full and interim servicing options are available. A typical manufacturer service will consist of up to 90 checks for most makes and models and, in order for the original warranty to be valid, we always stick to the manufacturer service plan.


Bespoke Car Servicing for Hengrove Motorists


We think that choice is important and this is reflected in the car repair, MOT testing and vehicle servicing options we have available. If you come from the Hengrove area and have been looking for a genuine local independent garage, consider the many key factors we include within our car servicing packages:


Basic or Interim Service – A basic service includes an oil and filter change as well as a visual inspection. Also, we provide a top up of all key fluids including the washer, brake, anti-freeze and steering fluids. We will also check the brakes and use each service to recommend additional car repair work such as clutch replacement, flywheel replacement or new tyres.


Oil and Filter Change – An oil and filter change is included in all full, basic and interim services undertaken at 24/7 Auto Repairs. Filter changes help your car to run reliably and they also improve fuel efficiency. On a full service, we change the spark plugs for our Hengrove and Bristol customers.


Full Service – This is a basic service but with an additional 25-30 checks. A full service costs less if you are having an MOT performed at the same time. We recommend that a full car service is undertaken once a year or, if you have high mileage use, every 10-12,000 miles.


Manufacturer Service – A manufacturer service is bespoke to your car. It will include all the maintenance items needed. We can offer this type of service far cheaper than any main dealership and our mechanics match the quality of any other garage in the Hengrove area.


Car Repair – We have a fully equipped garage to take care of any damage or car repair work that may need carrying out on local vehicles from the Hengrove area. While we are clutch replacement and flywheel replacement specialists, we also provide engine management and diagnostic services that get right to the heart of engine sub-system issues.


All car repair and servicing work is competitively priced, as is our MOT testing and related garage services. Free, no-obligation quotes are available.

For car servicing and car repair work in the Hengrove area, contact us today on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677 to book an appointment.