Solve Ongoing Exhaust Issues With Our Car Repairs in Knowle & Bristol

Your exhaust is an essential part of your vehicle’s overall make-up, and is tasked with a number of important jobs: filtering out some of the more harmful by-products of your engine’s emissions, directing toxic fumes away from your vehicle, and dampening the amount of noise generated. 24/7 Auto Repairs, based in Whitchurch and covering all of Bristol, have both a wealth of mechanical expertise and easy access to replacement exhaust parts, allowing us to undertake everything from minor to major exhaust repairs.


While a noisy exhaust may just seem like a minor nuisance, keep in mind it’s most likely signalling a more serious issue that requires urgent attention; if engine fumes make their way into your vehicle you could be putting yourself, your passengers and your fellow motorists at risk. So if you identify signs of any of the below problems with your car’s exhaust, or something entirely different, pick up the phone and give us a call on 01275 832100 or 07974 023677.


Common Exhaust Trouble


Rust – Over time, external elements of the exhaust are at risk of rusting due to exposure to the atmosphere and things like grit. This can lead to the exhaust losing its structural integrity, e.g through holes and cracks emerging. Signs of rust include the obvious visual ones, as well a change in the sound of your exhaust – such as hissing noises, or a more noticeable “roar”. Rusted exhausts cannot be repaired and must always be replaced.


Loose Parts & Connections – Wear and tear can also lead to certain parts of the exhaust to loosen; this is especially common for motorists driving in areas with potholes or poor quality roads. This is usually a quick fix simply involving tightening up whatever has come loose, although hard to reach internal parts can occasionally lead to the need for replacement. Symptoms of loose parts include rattling sounds, or in extreme cases you may even see your exhaust stag or begin to drag on the road.


Blockages – These can range in severity, and are caused by varying different factors including debris getting into the system, and carbon building up inside the catalytic converter. While some minor blockages will be dealt with naturally by your engine and expelled in due course, some blockages require urgent professional attention. Chugging noises while driving, a sudden drop off in performance, or the smell of sulphur while driving can all signal a blockage that needs to be dealt with by our mechanics.

Experiencing difficulty with your exhaust? Visit 24/7 Auto Repairs, the Whitchurch and wider Bristol area’s favoured local garage. Call us on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.

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