Get to the Bottom of the Problem With Our Vehicle Diagnostics in Whitchurch & Bristol

Has your vehicle begun performing oddly? Whatever signs it might be showing, from strange noises and smells, to a loss of power or handling, visit the experts at 24/7 Auto Repairs for vehicle diagnostics. We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to find the exact source of the trouble, before recommending the most appropriate means of maintenance or repair.


Clients throughout Bristol – not least in our principal service areas of Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Knowle, Keynsham and our hometown of Whitchurch – trust us for our transparency and commitment to fair business practices. But fairness, and quality of workmanship, shouldn’t cost you extra; that’s why we’re committed to ensuring our prices are competitive whether you visit us for servicing, repairs, an MOT, or the vehicle diagnostics service detailed on this page.


ECU Diagnostics


Modern vehicles come equipped with an ECU, or engine control unit. These are sophisticated on-board computers which keep track of various fault codes, each relating to a particular function of a particular component. While in days gone by, vehicle diagnostics would require a mechanic to painstakingly check all sorts of different factors and parameters to get to the bottom of a symptom, nowadays we use ECU readers which extract the relevant codes. Our team still need the knowhow to interpret these codes and figure out the right course of action, but things are certainly quicker and leave less margin for error.


But motorists around the Bishopsworth, Hengrove, Knowle, Keynsham and Whitchurch areas with older vehicles needn’t worry – we have the hand’s on mechanical experience required to get to the bottom of even the most perplexing of problems with older models of vehicle; likewise, we’re familiar with pretty much any make and model you can think of – so we tend to get motorists back safely on the road quicker than our competitors.


Remember, even the most seemingly benign of symptoms warrants investigation: for automotive problems can quickly worsen. Not only will this mean they cost more to put right, but it could mean that you’re putting you, your passengers, and your fellow Bristol motorists at risk. So if you notice anything from a faint burning smell, to a clunking noise when you release the clutch, or simply that something “feels a bit off” – contact our friendly mechanics at your earliest convenience, for fast and accurate vehicle diagnostics.

Something the matter with your vehicle? Visit 24/7 Auto Repairs for fast and accurate vehicle diagnostics. We’re based in Whitchurch, and cover all surrounds including Hengrove and Knowle.