We Replace & Repair Broken or Misadjusted Cambelts With Our Car Repairs in Whitchurch

A cambelt is a vital part of your engine which ensures that your vehicle’s pistons/crankcase and valves/cylinder head, which are located in two separate areas, are kept moving in perfect synchronicity. If a cambelt fails for any reason, serious engine problems can immediately occur. This is why it’s essential to get them repaired or replaced should one malfunction, or experience too much wear and tear (unlike certain parts they do not “last a lifetime” even with proper maintenance).


Based in Whitchurch, 24/7 Auto Repairs serves as the Bristol area’s local mechanical expert. We’re an independent garage that, as our name suggests, can provide round the clock automotive car repairs and vehicle diagnostics. When your engine begins to act up, visit us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem using modern diagnostics equipment and hands-on expertise. Whether it’s cambelt related or not, we’ll be able to help get you back safely on the road.


Common Symptoms of Cambelt Issues


Noise – If your engine makes strange or unfamiliar noises when the engine is running, anything from a squeal or hiss, or perhaps a rattle or grinding sound, it could be that your cambelt is loose or has worn down and requires replacement. If the belt is new, we can make adjustments to ensure it is appropriately tensile, avoiding the need for replacement.


Problems Starting the Engine – There are many issues that can lead to a vehicle failing to start; a common one is a cambelt failure, as it is required to ensure the camshaft rotates when the crankshaft turns. Diagnosing a broken cambelt is quick and straight forward, as the two won’t turn simultaneously.


Visual Signs – Some of the motorists who visit 24/7 Auto Repairs are well acquainted with how engines work, and come to us having themselves spotted visual symptoms of cambelt failure. These include a glossy underside (which points to a bit too much wear and tear), cracks or fraying at the edges. Pretty much all visual signs of wear signal the need for cambelt replacement, as it’s simply not safe or healthy for the vehicle to use a cambelt “on its last legs”.

24/7 Auto Repairs proudly serve as the Whitchurch and wider Bristol area’s first choice for cambelt repair and replacement. Book in today on 01275 832 100 or 07974 023 677.

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